Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac and plans

My plans are futile with Isaac coming to visit New Orleans. Literally "all dressed and ready to go" and I get the email telling me to stay home.

"Maybe next week", the email read.

My days are spent like a hermit reading over obscure texts and nothing else is getting done throughout my world. Frustration!

Like a bad haiku,
I await word

When my sights are set on a target I will ignore everything outside the reticle and aim with laser intensity on the goal. Plus, I hate the extended time worrying about the whole issue of this little test. The reader might see why I prefer to be out on the ocean because there are no other worries there but the job at hand. Land life tends to overload us with all of the sensory stimuli; TV, News, Economy, Neighbors, Laws, Pushy Politicians, lack of cash and so on.

Waaah, waah, wah. The Waahmbulance is here!

All right, back to business and on to the books. The Spousal Unit just called and told me to get on the charts and do some more plotting.

My late Uncle used to call his brother "Isaac".(because he's very thrifty!)  Maybe it's a message, I don't rightly know.

Stay dry out there!

P.S. Ken and Cheryl are in the impact zone. Keep them and their boat "Nirvana" in mind and think good thoughts for them. I hope this storm keeps as weak as can be and leaves as quick as now.

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Buck said...

I get the email telling me to stay home.

Well, that sucks. But: more study time, as you noted.

We'll keep Ken and Cheryl in our thoughts.