Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Middle of this week!

Nothing new to put out in the ether, just doing the daily grind.

Wake up. Feed cats. Drink coffee. Look at internet. Do 45 minutes on stair machine.

Done. Done. Etc.

I am also studying my internet courses.

The Olympics have been fun, but I have weaned myself off and am back to watching tivo'd shows and Netflix. Netflix is the coolest thing we have, hundreds of shows and movies. Last movie of note was "Escanaba in da moonlight". A Buckless Yooper returns to the Deercamp to face his fears, with a few beers. It was enjoyable.

The top has not been finished on the Barco and with all this rain I am getting a bit anxious. The Dock Master at the Yacht club says our flybridge radio is coming on and blaring country western music in the early hours. He has switched it off twice, but it returns... I went by yesterday to find the twang music alive on the boat. I guess there is a short in the stereo due to all the fargin' rain and no cover! So I switched the electrical power from that circuit to the OFF position at the dc panel.

Carry on!


Buck said...

You're lucky no one put a round or two in the radio if it was blaring C&W in the wee smalls. People HAVE been known to lose their heads, yanno?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Aah, nobody lives there and it wasn't that loud. At least repetitive booms and cussing (rap) wasn't on. I'd shoot the radio myself!