Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays

Yahoo News reports that someone in Lapeer Michigan (Where da heck is dat, eh?) has the winning Powerball ticket.

Just like that! My four bucks is gone, and my dreams of opulence vanish into the smog... I will sweat my sorrow out on the stair machine and work through the pain while inhaling the bitter smell of defeat. Wait; That smell is the cat litter in the Cat Bathroom. Thursday is trash day and I will be swapping out the old for new. Yuck. Especially the yellow newspaper, that is the worst! Cats don't aim, eh.

Somebody has to do the Cat Litter Custodial work, just like that somebody in Michigan will have to endure losing their privacy, tranquility and peace, all because of the luck of the draw. I wonder if they will want to trade for my permanent obscurity over the next few weeks?

Nah. I will always be Cat Litter Custodian, it's my job. Besides, I couldn't handle the notoriety and responsibility of a hundred million bucks. I would probably spend it on boats, airplanes, booze, friends and excess food. Then I would blow the rest of the loot on Pole dancers. You know, the athletic ones from Gdansk. (Not really. I just wanted to be controversial, heh.)

I am really getting into this Netflix online business, there is always some fun film to watch that seems important at 9:00 pm, keeping me up until the wee hours; Say 10:30 pm. At eight bucks a month I can say it is a wonderful entertainment deal. The night before last I watched a Dean Martin comedy, "Who's sleeping in my bed", from 1963. Dino is way too cool, even for today's standards and the film was very much rated G. I recently saw a trailer for the remake of "Red Dawn", so last night I watched the original "Red Dawn". I viewed that film when it was released in 1984 and over the years I had forgotten most of the original story which had what I thought was way too much male on male touching/ hugging/bonding with entirely too many tears for a war film. (I guess one might think that the taboo subject of strong young men camping with guns... not that there's anything wrong with that. Oh the imagery!) The fella's in the film didn't even bother to pay an iota of attention to the two very needy Hot Babes (Played by Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey, growl!) as the Wolverines frolicked with guns in the Arapahoe National Forest. Makes me wonder why they would remake that film, it WAS avant-garde! As you might tell, I'm hoping for less crying and more character development in the new version, perhaps a bit in vain. A small complaint about the bad guys in the new remake; How the heck does North Korea get the wherewithal to invade the U.S? They can't even field enough materials for dinner  tonight much less move masses of troops and gear to Washington State.

Please to suspend your disbelief about remade movies, ok?

I can hear my readers already murmuring, "More Boating, less Commentary!!!"

Message received. August is the hottest month of the year, and we are more suited for shady poolside diversions along with the inevitable barbecue cuisine. So the Barco will remain in her berth for the time being, at least until a new mission emerges.

There is the matter of my One Dollar Lotto ticket for this coming Saturday...

Have a nice day.


Buck said...

...the athletic ones from Gdansk.

Those poor workin' girls didn't HAVE poles back in my day. Dontcha just LOVE Modern Times?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I'm thinking I can put Buck on the list for Hippie Chicks who dance around poles!

Maybe after Saturday's Lotto we can...