Monday, August 20, 2012

Well. Movin' on...

I mentioned something in a response to a comment that I may as well bring out to the open;

Next week, (Thursday) I will finally finish up my Mariner's Course (the one I have been ignoring for the past six months!) by taking the Federal Exam for both Operator of Uninspected Six Passenger Vessels (Six Pack) and possibly the 25/50 Ton Master. We will have to see precisely what is what, since I will have to hustle on some ten hours of additional course work. No problem, I gots the times!

This is my constant theme, running to catch up with my disorganized self because of dithering and quibbling these past few months. No excuses other than my failure to properly manage my own time. But I do have about three more months testing/retesting to go before I lose out on the investment I made on the Mariner's Course, so I am really doing ok with my time management. The online portion is complete and I just need to get my paperwork together along with drug screening and  some other administrative bovine excrement the Gubmint requires.

Arrrgh! Can I take the Privateer Exam? Arrrgh.

Usually I wait to mention this stuff when I am done with an exam so that I don't jinx myself with the well wishes offered by my five friends and family.

One cool benefit is that the test will be given in the Gulf resort town of Panama City, at some Dive School place. So a road trip will have to happen and the Kid will be ridin' solo! I'm gonna find me a cool beachside hotel for the night before and study properly for the test. Too bad all the attractive beach dwelling ladies will be gone by the time I show up, school being back in session and all that. (You know, I may need the extra help provided by the nice folks at that link!)

And if I do indeed choke on the test there will be back up dates in September down in Orlando/St Pete. I'd rather not have to pay the extra $95 bucks so I will study and be rested (Whatever that is!) for my ten o'clock showing, next Thursday.

I'll be ok on the test since I will be redoing the electronic course over and over until next week.

That is all!


I called the Mariner School and asked for the 100 Ton Master course, ($268.00) and was given access to the course immediately. The book is on it's way via some uniformed Gubmint Messengers. Anyway, I was online at 1000 and challenged the course's final exam. I got a 90 on the first try. This sucks, I pay all the bucks and literally get the exam on the first shot.

Lets hope I do as well next week, it will be worth it if I can get it all done in one fell swoop!

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Buck said...

... hotel for the night before and study properly (link removed by Blogger) for the test.

Heh. Snerk.

OK, whatevah. As long as you celebrate properly.