Friday, October 19, 2012

Babalu says that the Bearded One had a stroke...

Lets hope that the murderer passes his little affliction to his brother and they both transition painfully to their just rewards in the very near future. I promise to open a couple bottles of champagne to celebrate with our Cuban friends.

Today, we are off and running like the proverbial turtle. Phil the Cat Sitter will occupy the leather sofa and serve the Kitties their dinners and treats while I expect to be zooming westerly on I-10 to Tallahassee, vector left to Apalachicola and on to St George Island. 246 miles in total, and if we knew where the Gendarmes were hiding, we could make the journey at warp speed and be there in a couple hours. But I will keep it down to 75 mph, since I don't need to begin my weekend with a run in with the law; especially in some of those rural counties where the Northern War of Aggression is still on, as far as those local folks are concerned.

A car loaded with a trunk full of potent potables, and maybe a bag of tortilla chips for solid sustenance in between the wine and champagne. Lucky for me I will have my favorite girlfriend to help navigate the sunshiny roads and who can help get rid of our excess baggage.

Somebody has already checked on my progress with the bag packing and such. She Who WIll Be Obeyed has no idea...

All the best to our readers, this weekend! A full accounting will be here on Monday, or so.

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Buck said...

Be safe and have fun. Those statements are not mutually exclusive at our age. ;-)