Thursday, October 4, 2012

The game was fun.

"Oakland takes surprising A's to heart". Photo ripped off from the San Francisco Chronicle

That picture is mild compared to the real rowdies.

I watched the entire game while cooking dinner for the Spousal Unit. It was looking pretty ugly in the third and fourth innings, when Texas was up 5 to 1. Then there were some crucial errors that Texas made which wrapped up the game at 12 to 5, Oakland. The tv channel even skipped commercials during the last pitching change to show the rowdy Oakland Fans acting up in the seats! I think that Oakland may see a bit of social peace during this election time due to everyone supporting an underdog team instead of promoting the class warfare which usually occurs during an election season.

Oakland and Berkeley are the hometowns for Communist activism, after all. The struggle of well to do "Students" trying to bring down a Nation and make us all equally poor in the interest of "justice". But even many of those socialist activists are A's Baseball Fans. Which is fine with me.

Fun Fact; 40 years ago, the Oakland A's faced Detroit Tigers for the American League Championship and that worked out really well. This may happen again. We will have to see what the post season schedule brings, but I sure would like to see my old favorite team make it all the way,  just like 1972.

We have a House Divided in this matter; The Spousal Unit is pulling for Detroit, which is right and proper. I would be rooting for Detroit, too, but not against a baseball team that I followed so closely back in my youth.

The Oakland Athletics are an unlikely team in this post season. They are the most underpaid and mostly have the least experience compared to the big clubs. Detroit has the finest hitter in 45 years, Miguel Cabrera, (First triple Crown winner in 45 years!) who was a big part of the 2003 Florida (now Miami) Marlins in their successful chase to a Championship. Nothing like success to breed more success.

Now's a good time to review the film "Moneyball" and give it a happy ending. Billy Beane is Da' Man!

It's also nice to see a bunch of young players who have united in quest of the almost impossible against all odds; A Championship.

The A's took a lap around the Coliseum to high five the fans who have supported them.

A's players high five fans in the stands after the A's defeated the Texas Rangers. The Oakland Athletics won the American League West division after they defeated the Texas Rangers at Coliseum in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez, The Chronicle / SF

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Buck said...

We have a House Divided in this matter; The Spousal Unit is pulling for Detroit, which is right and proper.

A blog-audience divided, too. I'm not a big bezbol fan but I always watch the playoffs and the World Series. And since it looks like there's not gonna be any hockey this year... it's GO TIGERS!