Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some tune-age to go with the previous post

Some Beachside Buffett and great pictures, too.

I don't smoke anything... but I think we should legalize ganja. Why not? Nobody ever had the energy to do a drive-by shooting after doing the sacred herb.

Maybe rip off some donuts from 7-11, I guess. Funny song.


Ken n Cheryl said...

Love the videos! The first one really makes me wanna get going and dump our house!

The second one is funny, and it's so true .. you don't hear about domestic violence and bad car wrecks due to "pot"! =)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I'm with you on wanting to shed some of this excess good life we are currently shackled with. But we would rather have wine and beer over the ganja...

Buck said...

You're right about the pics in the Jimmy B vid and about legalizing the Eveeel Weed. As for The Toyes... they're smokin' dirt weed... if you smoke quality herb you don't need THAT many joints.

I prefer the ganja high over alcohol for a number o' reasons, chief among which are hangovers, specifically the lack o' same. But I personally can't inhale anything any longer due to an inconvenient affliction.


Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck; I'm with you in that you like what you like. I tried out the subject, (Under the supervision of a licensed physician, outside the twelve mile limit...) but can't make it past the smoke. I don't believe that weed is a gateway drug except for the fact that you can only get it from questionable characters who would rather you buy the more profitable white crap, and that's where the trouble begins.

Legalize and tax marijuana. It makes sense.