Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Palate Cleanser

I have been unhappy with all of the bad stuff going on both here and abroad, and it has been depressing. A few days back, I watched "Alice's Restaurant" for the 30th time but not in recent years.

Arlo Guthrie (like his father Woody) is a fine American entertainer, and I have liked his more popular recordings whenever they happened to play on the radio. He is a one hit wonder, times three. Just like Buffett.

This is a great video in which Arlo describes his respect and gratitude to the various law enforcement agencies throughout the years in a most humorous way. Please to enjoy Arlo Guthrie:

If you watched the entire video, you should feel a bit happier and mentally reset for da fewtchums.

There is a trip to the airport in my immediate fewtchums, in about an hour and a half.

1 comment:

Buck said...

"Comin' In to LA" is my favorite of the three hits, "City of N'Awlins" bein' second. I hope I NEVER hear about Alice again, though.

Safe trip, Darryl.