Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barco Sin Vela Photo Changed

I changed the title picture because it looks more like a boat havin' fun. This boat is our previous
BarcoSinVela 2004-2008. It was a Marine Trader Sun Deck 40 with twin Cummins 210 diesels. It was a very nice boat and we traveled up and down the coast of Florida on board her. When we lived in Fort Lauderdale, we kept her on a dock at the condo we lived at, and loved to confound the old folks by going out on weekend trips to Elliot Key. (The condo commando's would grouse about the ruckus we would make when leaving or arriving--the elderly from NewYawkTaxachusettsNooJursey hate to see anyone having fun!)

We endured two nasty hurricanes with nary a scratch. It was a tough boat. She met her match last summer, when a 30 foot boat broke loose from her mooring and drifted into the Barco, causing her to sink.

Always keep your insurance active, and make sure you have agreed value coverage. Some company's will only give you what they consider "fair cash value". Talk to your Agent and make sure you know. The other feller had 100K in Property Damage coverage, so my insurance had to cover this little bit of undercoverage.

I love to learn lessons through someone else. First law of thermodynamics in the Navy: Flame on YOU is Flame off ME.

T-minus two days until the weekend, which of course means time to go boating!

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