Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome Aboard Friday!

I thought I would welcome my two readers aboard, and give the inside tour of Barco Sin Vela.

Barco is a Nova 40 Heritage. Built in Taiwan, for those of us who can't afford a Huckins or Grand Banks!

This particular hull is powered by twin Perkins 200HP diesels, which propel us at the blistering speed of 10 Knots.

Lying in wait, in the background is a Kohler 8KW diesel generator. It ensures that we will be cool in the Summer and warm in the winter. It also powers the icemaker and fridge.

"But, how do ewe drive this behemoth?", you might ask.

We have two stations for controlling this aquatic wildebeest. There is a flybridge, which is the main control position. We have a Garmin 2006 Chartplotter, Raymarine depth and fishfinder (I don't fish), an ancient radar and an equally ancient autopilot. We keep communications with a super-trick-gofast West Marine 650 DSC VHF radio. Get this, you can actually call a specific radio with this. Of course, I have no idea, but the neat features include Lat/Long info which will be digitally sent out if you push the "Mayday" button.

Only the best for our retired boys in uniform!

This is the inside helm. It's for those who can't stand to be outside when the winds and rains bloweth like stink. To a sailboater, I like to think of it as the redundant steering if I lose control upstairs.

I have a smaller chartplotter and a West Marine 550 DSC VHF. Some of the same features as before, just smaller. You can't see it in the photo, since these pics were taken before the big upgrade.

Next are views from upper helm towards the rear. Got to the Sundeck and you can see the entrance to the Salon.

We have a sink and ice maker on the Sundeck, in case you get too winded to go below for water and ice.


Bob said...

Why no fishing? Do you not eat fish/shellfish?

Buck said...

Wow... Barco is a BEAUTY! And simply spotless, too! I gotta ask, apropos of nothing, is she new? Or new to you, dc? I've seen/been in a few engine compartments in my time, but none that look so danged clean...

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck!
New to me. Barco is a 1987 model and the engine compartment is cleaner than a new car. My last boat had a couple of oil leaks and it is a real problem to keep clean once that happens.

Bob, thanks for noticing. I have a number of fishing poles, but I lost my taste for fish a couple of years back. Now it is tuna and salmon, and neither run near Jacksonville. I will fish if there are guests who fish. Otherwise I will get the fish at Publix. Much cheaper and easier.

Kevin said...

Great blog. I am looking into buying a used 40 Nova Heritage (86-89) My wife and I plan to live on it in South Fla. Im finding this boat for around 55 - 60k. What do you like and dislike about it ? Would you buy it again? Any info would be great!

Thank you