Saturday, August 29, 2009

Returns to Jacksonville

We had a great visit to Fort Jackson, the pleasant surprise was that Private Steve is actually Private First Class (E-3!) Steve!

E-3 took me a whole year to attain. Good for him!

Steve took us up on the offer to visit Jacksonville, so last night was Filet Mignon and a video, "Captain Ron". The dessert was watching the shuttle launch from the front yard.

I guess we can say that Friday was a pretty full day for our new Soldier.

Today is a trip to the Barco Sin Vela and some river cruising.

My only advice to Steve has been to take some of the big pay and drop a couple thousand into an IRA. This way he will have something for his old age. I expect his Uncle (Who is a reader) to help me on this point. WE can't count on Social Security, and an IRA at eighteen will be a powerful tool to show the miracle of compounding interest.


Buck said...

Well, congrats once again to PFC Steve! I'm not his uncle, but I CAN attest to the wisdom of creating an IRA... and not touching it until he's AT LEAST 60... at his young age. Also about the wisdom of contributing even a small sum (say $25.00) every month. That money sure does come in handy when ya reach geezerhood. Don't ask how I know... :D

JihadGene said...

It's all good in the geezerhood...well except for having to fight our lousy politicians on most anything related to health care and the wide variety of take-overs. Next thing you know Obama will want emergency control of the internet should old geezers want to communicate what is wrong with our socialist form of government.