Friday, April 9, 2010

The cats are just beginning to relax

I caught that picture of Peter Lorre from here a book on Peter Lorre's career.

Who couldn't like Lorre after that?

Looks like Mali on his right shoulder.

This weekend, before any fun happens we will have to complete our taxes. Naturally, being without excess baggage, (Children) we shall have to pay a little bit more of a share than others in our income class. No noticeable bitterness here, is there?

The trip from Puerto Rico to the Bahamas wrapping up the trans-Atlantic crossing just doesn't seem to want to come out. You could call it writer's block. But I'm no writer. Please bear with me my delays because it will be fun to read about.

..."Figure ways to disguise, all the half truths and lies..." Jimmy Buffett "If I could just get it on paper"

There was a weather system that passed through at 0455, this morning. Woke me up with very high winds and a load of rain. At this moment, 0900, the sky is clear and blue and promises to be a great weekend.

This is the time to be in Florida, livin' the Floridays.

Have a great weekend... I will update as needed when I have anything fun to say.


Buck said...

Ah, taxes. I did mine night before last. And this year is "my" year for the sole remaining child exemption (the ex- and I alternate years claiming our offspring), so My Favorite Uncle will be refunding me a small amount of money. It amazes me that half the damned country pays NO taxes yet here I am... drawing a pittance of pensions and Social Security and I PAY. Like that ol' Elmore James song sez... "I Musta Done Somebody Wrong..."

And we are hangin' in there, waiting for your final installment. Take your time. No pressure. Heh.

Buck said...

Correction: I did my taxes TUESDAY night. We lose track of time, we do.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

"And we are hangin' in there, waiting for your final installment. Take your time. No pressure. Heh"

I feelz the presshaz!