Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On a lighter note;

I was morosely reading the Sailing Cruisers Forum about the antics of rude boaters who have no couth when it comes to anchoring. For instance, you might be anchored in a serene quiet bay when some jerk comes along with stereo's blaring, drops his tiny lunch hook about five meters from your cockpit. You know that his boat will swing and hit you in the night, hopefully gently.

By tomorrow morning you will be sleepless and coughing from the loud music, those generators running loudly belching carbon monoxide fumes that are choking your boat.

It happens, believe me.

Everyone has a story, but this is the funniest quote I could find, written by a cruiser named, "Terry";

One of the funniest things I have ever seen was a German boat in Greece with mum, big breasted, huge and ugly as a hat full of spiders, and dad, barrell bellied and hairy as yeti, both stark naked and waving to the new arrivals as they dropped anchor.

Talk about imagery. That quote paints pictures, baby.

Have a humorous day!

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Buck said...

Aiiieee. The nekkid Germans thing is not quite the image I want or need, but I get your point. The RV world has its equivalent rude bastids, as well. I have stories... ;-)