Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Busy weekend, for sure!

Took out Barco and anchored twice, in the hunt for fish. Not. A. Bite.

A quick word with Randy over at the Club, he says he will take the boys out on his fishing boat and they shall catch trout.
No doubt, since Randy supplies the club with fresh Dolfin and Tuna.

The family unit is at the zoo while I pound out these words, two fingers at a time.

Yesterday, we got underway around 1100 and buzzed the Naval Airstation. Roma and Sascha have never seen a Navy base, or for that matter, been out on a boat. They do remarkably well, considering they have been in America for the past five months and immersed english after a rough stint in a Siberian orphanage.


I let the youngest, Sascha, take the helm after about one minute of instruction. He gamely took the wheel and hesitantly made course corrections when I indicated. He was nervous but looked fine.

He seemed to be having fun and was quite lively and animated while bouncing around the flybridge. It was now Roma's turn at the helm, he made like Captain Cool while driving;

But anyone could tell the real story; The Boys were having a great time.

We buzzed the parked EA-6B's and S3-B's on the ramp and the boys howled their appreciation at seeing Naval Aviation, even if it was fixed wing. We soon turned for Marker 7 (Green) across the river for some much awaited fishing. We quickly anchored and I baited up our poles with shrimp hoping to catch some croakers. And some Nathan's hotdogs for lunch. I blended up some strawberry daiquiri's for the adults and passed out slightly chilled Sprites for the kids.

Note; They don't care for ice cold beverages. They never saw an ice cube in the orphanage and cold soda's were nonexistent. I think it's because of the recent dental issues that have come up. They apparently have had some dental challenges that have resulted from years of neglect, and I am sure that cold stuff causes pain.

Give them time, they will become snobs who require a glass with ice with every soda. Until then, they are easy on the icebox.

We got underway for Marker five, about three miles North. Dropped anchor and set out with fish killin' sticks, again.

Absolutely nuffin'!

After about two hours (and a desperately needed nap for the Captain) we pulled up anchor for a down town run.

We went to the football stadium and back to the Yacht Club for dinner. Afterwards, the family went to the pool for swimming and showers, I took a shower on the boat and made my way to the Pirates Den bar.

Dinner was at sunset, I had a prime rib, the boys had pizza. The Wimmen folks all had fish. Dining concluded at 2100 and we went back to the homestead for a nightcap for me, and snoozing for the boys. Easter eggs and all sorts of goodies were laid out in the back yard by the Spousal Unit and her Mom and Sister.

A study in Patience;

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Buck said...

I didn't expect to see a post today here at the Virtual Serengeti Lounge... what a great surprise!

Great pics, and Good On the Spousal Unit's fambly for giving Sascha and Roma a home. It's a great good thing they've done. You, too, Darryl, for your obvious hosting abilities!

Happy Easter!