Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday; We start early...

Our guests arrived about 2230, a full four hours late due to unplanned traffic problems in Atlanta.

I could have told them that Atlanta always has problems, but I was not consulted. Guess that all of us must endure/enjoy the Atlanta traffic at least five times, right?

Grandma and sister had some welcome-aboard champagne served poolside in the warm night. We chatted until it was gone, maybe a half hour. All were a-snooze by midnight.

We met Sascha and Roma, two boys from Siberia who have never seen the ocean. They are very exuberant and excited about being here and especially look forward to fishing. They have lived in Michigan for the past six months and they are speaking english better than I would have imagined, this is notable since they were only adopted from an orphanage in September. Imagine having your world completely upended and you get moved to China. Where they use different letters and speak the toughest language in the world...

They are having entirely too much fun!

Since child reveille is held at 0500, they were in the pool at 0800. Really.

Mao is not amused...

Roma in hamming for camera mode;

Sascha is a camera mooch, too;

Finally, two sisters cope with being at a pool at the crack of eight in the morning and supervising two whirling dervishes.

Off to the rain locker and we shall go to Barco in about 15 minutes.

Up and at 'em!


Buck said...

The "crack o' eight." I actually saw that for the first time in a long time today. Cute kids!

LL said...

Why was Mao locked inside and not allowed to go out and play?

Somebody, hurry, call the SPCA!!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Why was Mao locked inside and not allowed to go out and play?

Him not allowed outside because him-cat wants to wander and collect fleas. Plus, him not listen when we call him back in.