Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some fun stuff

Strange week already, eerie stuff in the air. I got in to work and started the day normally, but at 0904 the windows practically burst from the frames; The double pump/slap of a sonic boom caused by the good folks in the Shuttle "Discovery" as they made way for a landing at Canaveral.

I wish I had been outside. Glad they made it home safely to Florida.

My wandering of the blogosphere is changing. I used to visit several military related sites such as The big aviation one, an amphibian and a few others. Daily, for the past six years in some cases. It's time I stop following most of these web sites because it all has stopped mattering to me. There is nothing coherent I can add and any inane comments I might make are meaningless. As for prattling on and debating for and against, well, I will just disengage and return to having a good time and keeping mostly to my own business. This means I shall keep my snide commentary to myself and my six loyal readers.

There will be a couple places I will continue supporting such as Babalu, Lileks, Iowahawk and his buddy Coop, and of course Exile in Portales and Great Reader. LL at Mirage will also be a regular stop, too. End result will be a great reduction in anything military.

One of the fun things about wandering this great internet is seeing other people's stuff, like on the site called Flickr. Today, I was reading the Coop blog and he had a link to his Ed "Big Daddy" Roth cartoon collection.

Man, back in 1970, me and my buddies at Argonaut Elementary school in Hayward California lived for those little decal cartoons! Just look to the right of the picture and you can see a little block titled, "Browse" and you can move to the right or left.

There will still be the boating and I will get back to the successful conclusion of our Atlantic crossing in the next day, or so.


Buck said...

As for prattling on and debating for and against, well, I will just disengage...

Dunno if you noticed, but I've pretty much done that, too. I still post the odd political item every so often but not NEARLY as much as I used to. I might crank it up again as the election draws closer but I'm gonna need a SERIOUS change o' heart. One grows weary of that BS.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck.

Anonymous said...
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