Thursday, June 17, 2010

Barco Sin Vela is FMC

(Full Mission Capable)

My good maintenance buddy, Nick, came in with the verdict and bill. New hoses were plumbed, an old pump rebuilt with new parts and installed. Burnt pump is rebuilt and placed in boat as Fully Operational Spare, stowed in the forward Cabin.

As for the spare; This is so I can just remove and replace an entire pump rather than just have to take it apart for the impeller. Saves on bouncing everything around for small parts, just remove and replace the assembly. Just like Naval Air.

There are extra hoses and the strainer was removed and placed in a smarter position for maintenance.

All this, for the princely sum of $443.00.

B O A T= Break Out Another Thousand!

$557.00 standing by for the nxt repair, or maybe we fill up the diesel tanks. Down to half tank (200 gals), so maybe that will be where we put the other five hundred.

I need to follow up on the gauge. Suspect Nick didn't feel like putting one in, just wanted a few bucks for the weekend.


Tonight, we had Ecuadorian Prawns and Rice, made with cumin and saffron for the rice. Very good! This is why we enjoy Janice coming over for a week, or so. Our meals become gourmet and we don't have to cook. Ah, the suffering we endure, Good food and great sailing stories.

So.... We can bring the Barco out, this weekend since the a/c is fully operational. It's nice to be mobile, indeed.

As the only person in this household who could be possibly "Next", I added this great video as I am just a hippy gypsy.


Buck said...

B O A T= Break Out Another Thousand!

Well, "RV" doesn't stand for Real Value in that department, either. And our repair bills keep mounting up since El Casa Móvil De Pennington is over ten years of age now. "Stuff" don't last forever.

Ah. I'm a hippie-gypsy too! Kinda. Sorta. Useta be, anyhoo. Great album... one of my all-time faves.

Alison said...

Mine too! Thanks for the reminder... it's been awhile since I have heard this one. I was just after the hippie-gypsy generation, yet I followed in most of those giant footsteps... and still do... ~bows~ reverently yours,