Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the General McChrystal deal

Guys; Did I not say this about a year and a half ago???

Check out Blackfive (The Paratrooper of Love)

I had a long drawn out post about why the Good General had to be fired, but I got overwhelmed by events at work. So, a day later... everyone is piling on.

Sometimes, we hit the limits of our incompetence. Mine happened to be quite low on the food chain, so nobody got hurt. Others, like the great General, have huge impact on others.

I think that General McChrystal is a great American Warrior, but he had to do what he did for his own reasons. The President was right in doing what he did, because the Constitution requires it.

I have no hard feelings for either.

Just don't fruit the fargin' beer.  Ok?

And win this fu$%^(n war. Our future depends on it.

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Buck said...

I watched Obama's short speech on the sacking and it was a good address. Mark this day: I said something good about The One.