Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today is 66th Anniversary of D-Day

Take a pause for the cause, please remember the wet, scared and brave Men and Women who sacrificed their youth and lives to free Europe from Nazi tyranny. They were put ashore on some of the most hostile terrain on the coast of Northern France, literally on beaches that were joined to cliffs with no easy way on or off the shore.

I cannot imagine enduring such adversity, yet endure and persevere they did.

Watch the best tribute to these D-Day Soldiers ever made by a fine American;

God Bless America!


Buck said...

A Fine American, indeed. I miss him.

LL said...

There have been so many "D-Days" in our history - so much blood spilled and so much treasure spent in the name of freedom. It seems that today that birthright purchased at such cost is being squandered by the present regime in Washington.