Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday End of Action Report

There was a vintage automobile drive in and fair at the Yacht Club, and the Spousal Unit decided to have her car participate.

I brought the car to a gas station auto detailer early in the morning, and after an hour and a half the Mercedes was in top form for showing. I drove home, gathered up She Who Will B Obeyed and our overnight bags and advanced to the Yacht Club. at 12:00 Noon, we parked next to some of the other participants.

All of these cars are owned by fellow members, and I am sure ours was the most inexpensive. But we held our own in the looks department especially since our car is a regularly used car.

That's the Spousal Unit and Wendy standing towards the back.

'59 Porsche

Sweetest car present, 1965 Ferrari 2.75, V-12

02 Ferrari

1973 E-Type Jag with V-12.

Our food and drink providers, Rosanna and the Charming Wendy.

There was cotton candy, corn dogs, burgers and other Fairground foods. Wonderful time, the club really knows how to throw down with the grub.

(I confess that I drank all of the Heinekins) Thanks!


Buck said...

The Spousal Unit's ride cleans up verrah nice!

The E-Types of the six cylinder variety are my favorite Jags, just a smidgen above the XK-120. I think the elongated V-12 models ruined the lines of the car. Porsche Speedsters ain't bad, either.

LL said...

Very nice -- however I expected to see a Gull Wing Mercedes in that crowd, but... after drinking ALL of the Heinekin, you might have been persuaded that you were being driven home in a Gull Wing ;^)