Monday, June 14, 2010

The Summer is really here

It was a great weekend, we refrained from the champagne on Friday night so we had clear heads for Saturday morning. The Navy Jax Yacht Club was celebrating 54 years of clubhood, we were going to show up to help the membership wine and dine.

We got aboard the Barco at 1300, I fired up the airconditioning and the generator and we were soon on our way to the base. About fifteen minutes later, I noticed a different tone coming from the engine compartment; Our Generator had failed.

Darn it! Now we had no cool air flow inside the Barco.

I decided to wait to repair until we were tied up at the Base where we could plug into shore power and have the A/C's chilling the interior.

We made a spot on approach to the dock and had the Barco secured alongside a power receptacle. We reveled in the shady "sundeck" as our friend Phil soon arrived to help us with the iced down beer. After two beers I decided to wait until Sunday to mess with the generator, the engine compartment was much too warm for my tastes.

A Regal 28' soon was making an approach to their dock, when a request for line handlers was received, and we went to help. Turns out the owner had just purchased this boat and he was a bit nervous about backing into his slip with a cross breeze and current affecting the boat's handling.

No problem; I jumped onto a Catalina 27 from next to his dock, fended off the Regal and directed the driver to make control inputs slowly and with precision. The NJYC team had our new member docked and secured in moments without any dings or drama.

The Naval Hospital hired a river boat to help celebrate the Hospital Corps' 104th anniversary, so we watched with interest as all the uniformed folks from the Navy and Marine Corps walking aboard the river boat. In fact, a cluster of Corpsmen came by the club to get out of the heat; As these young Hospital Corpsmen came to the club, we welcomed them aboard grandly.

I was eyeballing their dress whites, looking for the distinctive Naval Sea Cadet shoulder patches. Nope; These were real Sailors, they just looked too young. We gave them soft drinks and complimented their appearance and military bearing. Compared to their smartness and youth, we yacht clubbers looked like fugitives from Captain Ron with our disheveled slackitude.

After our guests departed, a number of us hovered on the west side of the club deck to admire the uniformed members walking to the boat. Soon, a Marine/Navy Honor Guard approached the boat with colors flying. All of us Navy Jax Yacht Club members present stood proudly and silently at attention as the Colors passed, apparently a Service Member's Remains were being carried to the boat for a spreading on the river.

We were silently standing as the ceremony went on, it was really beautiful to see our Nation's Flag flying proudly in the waning sunshine. They finally cased the Colors and we went back to drinking beer and talking about the spectacle we just watched.

I mentioned to one of the past Commodores how sweet it was to see the Flag flying, and I was sure that the uniformed folks on the River boat noticed that we weren't acting like grabasstic idiots while a somber ceremony played out on the waterfront.

After the River boat departed, we did indeed, begin skylarking around the clubhouse.

Taps was held at 2330 with those of us still present retiring to our respective boats.

Sunday breakfast was cooked and served by us members and after clean up, the Barco Sin Vela departed back for our berth in Pirate's Cove.

I called our Maintenance person to repair the generator, later today. It's better that way...

News we can use for this week;

I mentioned the Beaujolais saga ongoing in Papeete, Tahiti. There is an airport strike at the International facility which has caused the cancellation of many outbound flights. We got the call last night warning us that we will have at least one visitor, arriving tomorrow with Roger being a possible arrival in a few more days.

Good thing we have a freezer full of delectables and about 120 bottles of fine wine. But I think our guests will be more interested in using the almost unlimited water available for showers and laundry.

Have a fine week!


Buck said...

Nope; These were real Sailors, they just looked too young.

I know this feeling well. Like EVERY damned time I go out to Cannon Airplane Patch. Hell, even the majors and USN commanders look like kids to me. Wait. They ARE kids. My kids. Nevermind.

re: the rendering of honors. Good on ya. We do that too. Some things just never go away, nor should they.

JihadGene said...

God bless those Navy Corpsmen! Hope your generator is up and running like Obama from an oil slick!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Gene. My Repair tech has not called me back, but I have faith (and checkbook!)