Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hemp; For Environmental Victory

Chirren; (That's how our local Congressperson, Corrine Brown*says children. It sounds more learn-ned that way, hmmm?)

 ...Today we will mention the environment, and how we all need to do what we can to help preserve it for the fewtchums. I mean future.

Environment and ecology, hallowed be thy names to the new religious acolytes of the Earth Worshippin' types. If you listen to the squawkers from the media, you would think we were all living on a liferaft that is running out of flotation, I mean wood.

"Use hemp, not trees for paper..."

I visited Dr. Patrick Moore (Co-Founder of Greenpeace and the Author of the "Sustainable Greenspirit" site) and it seems he has become a more realistic environmentalist, in that he is not a Luddite, (unlike his former buddies at Greenpeace) but believes that we can do a bit more to keep things clean while enjoying the benefits of living in the modern world. Like clean and renewable Nuclear Power.

Click on the link and be prepared to read some interesting counterclaims to the rot we are exposed to everyday in the communist/collectivist media.

So endeth, our environmentalist  sermon.

I can hardly wait for November. We really need to vote common sense back into D.C.
*(I would never make fun of a real speech impediment, but this is a Graduate of the University of Florida  Florida A& M and Edward Waters College and the degree is apparently in Speech and Communications with a Masters in Education.  This Lady  represents Jacksonville in front of the House Of Representatives. Maybe she has pain issues and takes analgesics/prescription pain killers) Iowahawk made a translation picture:

Stolen from American Digest


Buck said...

Heh. You are privileged, indeed, to have such a grand and quotable congresscritter representing you. I actually saw her deliver her remarks on teevee and I laughed my ass off.

I can think of better uses for hemp than making paper. HIGH grade hemp, that is. Heh.

LL said...

Sometimes you just yearn for a handy light pole and a rope.

However, you can now thank Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) for joining the other parasites in her party for voting to "deem" a $1.12 trillion budget without even having a budget, or having discussed a budget (a lot of extra work).

Do we even really have a country anymore? This mess is hanging on by its teeth and I fear for the future for the first time.