Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beaujolais 2 has arrived

At 12:30AM, Janice showed up from Tahiti.

I am completely impressed that someone can wake up in a little island marina, bundle off to the airport and get to Jacksonville Florida in the space of sixteen hours. Unbelievable.

We have started the process of transferring over 27 pounds of gear needed for repairs for Beaujolais which include a couple water pumps, some stainless steel rollers, various connectors for plumbing and electrical wiring and such. I think the Spousal Unit will bake up a couple dozen snickerdoodles for the crew of Beaujolais, too.

This great world of travel has its problems, though; All that gear I described was going to cost about a thousand bucks to ship via UPS. The purchase price for the parts was about $750.00, which is half the cost of buying in the islands, any islands. But the equipment would be there in three business days, not unlike a passenger on commercial conveyance.

So we have that going for us. It was a better value to send Beaujolais' First Mate for R&R in Jacksonville than using UPS or DHL. Is America not grand?

Another pleasant consequence for having unplanned guests is the prezzies. Spousal Unit was surprised with a beautiful black pearl pendant, (saving Me from having to acquire one. It's all about Me, right?) which she is proudly wearing at this moment. Ah well, it's all good.

There will  be a flurry of activity this week in support of our distant boat and the weekend will be filled with dining and fun. Hopefully the Barco will have a generator.

Generator SITREP: Down for waterpump. This one, like the last, burned up from lack of free flowing water. The intake strainer will have to be moved and I requested that a temperature gauge be placed in view at one of the helm stations.

No trip this weekend, without airconditioning.

That is all! Have a great Wednesday.

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Buck said...

Ya, this modern world we live in is a wonder, indeed. As is time spent with old friends. I hope your generator gets well soon.

wv: clong. I fell into a couple of those back in the day. Wait... that was with a "K." Nevermind.