Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why is this guy homeless?

This homeless person was video taped in El Paso, 0130 in the morning in a driving rain. He finds a flagpole fallen, with our flag on the ground. So like a good citizen, he folds the flag carefully, in the rain. Picks up the flagpole and moves it out of the way and goes back to his camp.

I don't know of any politician in Washington D.C. that could ever hope to pack the gear that this simple homeless Gent carries in his heart.

The office workers who found the flag and viewed the security camera are mystified. Probably because they cannot imagine why someone would hold a piece of cloth in reverence.

Again; Why is this guy homeless? Probably because he prefers his freedom straight up.

Wish I could buy this feller a meal.

Stolen from Youtube and Yahoo News.


LL said...

It's about judging somebody based on the content of their character rather than on the content of their wallet.

I'm sure the concept is totally lost on Washington and on barack hussein obama.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, LL, for the back up. We as a people are too enthralled with the so called rich and famous, as if they have the secret of life and happiness.

I would bet the Flag Folder is happier than most. And that includes me.

My reaction might have been picking up the flag, moving the pole and folding the flag and taking it home; Since no one is going to claim a wet flag at 0130, and the company didn't think to safeguard it.

Buck said...

Wish I could buy this feller a meal.

And a couple of beers, too. I watched the Yahoo! News piece, coz I wondered how "they" knew this guy was homeless. Now I know.