Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I did watch the games last night.

Is it August already?

Like I predicted the other day about the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team; They whooped on those poor, pretty Russian girls like rented mules! I almost felt bad. I cannot believe the Russian Team rolled over like that, it was sad to see some young and talented athletes lose their collective (Ahem!) cool on world wide TV.

I also saw that nice American girl land on her head in floor practice. Scared me to death, not to mention what her parents felt at that crunching moment.

Great victory for our folks.

Kudos, to those giant (6 foot plus!) ladies on the U.S. Swim team, showing the rest of the world how to kick ass! Now, if our team can only get some great divers to defect from China and join with us. But then, the Olympics would be boring if only the U.S. won the big events so we will just enjoy whatever happens out there. It was great seeing Mexico bringing in the Silver from the synchronized diving event.

Barco News; Gioia Sails called did some work yesterday. I will go check on it and I hope that the installation is progressing.

Have a fine day!


The Sail makers have been working:

I took these photos with my camera at noon.

What Barco looked like before. Note the Radar arch is above bimini.

New Plastic and protective cover attached to Radar arch

The sliding cover has a zipper attached to connect with rear cover while slide is in open position.

New Blue Cover for the front salon windows. Old one had holes.
Looking really nice. Hope it's all completed this week.

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Buck said...

I didn't watch but I AM reading about it. Mostly lookin' at the pictures, though. ;-)