Monday, October 29, 2012

This is getting ugly.

Our President and his Administration, along with his running dog Main Stream Media Lackeys are not on the side of American Citizens, especially overseas. Or here, for that matter.

This video is something that people need to see how our Main Stream Media has become an enemy of our people, for whatever their reasons may be. If Benghazi had happened under any other Administration, there would be 24/7 coverage with plenty of screaming for the heads of all who lied and covered up the facts of that day. Fact: The Ambassador was tortured and killed. This man was a direct representative of the President and of our Nation, and nothing was done to protect him. In fact, the Administration tried to conduct business as usual and tried to sweep this tragedy under a rug so as not to hurt the reelection possibilities of the Administration. How can our senior leaders be so disconnected?

None of us are physically safe now, especially overseas.

I try not to get too involved (other than humorously) with most political issues, but this hurts all Americans and does not make us safer. If the Press is so involved/enamored in keeping one person in office, I have to ask, Why? A press that works both sides to find the truth ultimately serves as a vigorous defense against tyranny, whether from the left or right. But when that press is working for its own reasons, well, Stand the F*&% By and keep your weapons at the ready. This is the sort of trouble that gets us involved in wars and such.

Oh well, watch the video and react as you will. Vote appropriately, and do not buy or support news vendors who refuse to do their jobs and report events that occur. It is not the job of the Press to make the present circumstances, just to truthfully tell the story.


LL said...

I was never a blogger and was never particularly political until about two years ago when I realized what you have. The mainstream media simply ignores anything that does not laud Obama.

Having been in the mix prior to the first Iraq War, I stat and listened to George W. Bush lie to the American people. He knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The neocons were simply HOPING that there were.

So it's not a pure ideology thing with me. However, when it comes to the mainstream media and Obama, there is something more sinister at work and I'm not sure whether it's a pay-off at a high level or some other motivation to ignore ANY story that portrays Obama as anything but the proprietor of hope and change.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I guess real change is when America tries out the many times failed Communist Experiment.

Buck said...

The stuff I've read about Benghazi (from right-wing sources) is hair-raising and sickening, especially about the calls for help from the CIA guys.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck; Yep. Sickening is the feeling that fellow Americans (I include Canadians in that) would let Americans under siege die. Waiting for the relief column to their last.

And then to have the Media pretend it is all just BUMPS in the road, in the Middle East.

Napalm would be a fitting weapon, purchased from the blood sucking savages, refined, and dropped from Wart Hogs is the only cure to real Middle Eastern Bumps.

Would the Media Traitors report on napalm attacks on Libya?

LL said...

Napalm would be better served on Hollywood -- just kidding.