Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Upcoming road trips

Every year, the Barco Crew is assigned a task to celebrate the third weekend in October in a unique fashion, and it better be good. I considered Panama City or Destin but wound up looking at alternative locations with differing accommodations. For instance, I never consider Bed and Breakfast Inns because I don't like the forced familiarity with my next bedroom neighbors and usually, (to me) the rooms are of substandard quality, just like the slop they serve in the morning that is supposed to pass as fine breaking of fast.

That's why I usually look at nice Hotels. At least I can complain to management and they don't take it personally because it is not their home/dream retirement business. As far as I'm concerned, Bed and Breakfast Inns suck.

So I thought I would bite the bullet and look at some B&B's, just to show that I'm open minded.

My first look at beachside Inns was the Hilton Resort in Destin. Average cost was $250 bucks a night for Beach Front room. Ok, but then the $10 daily parking charge kinda gets stuck in my craw. Hmm, let's look at other towns.

I looked over some Inn's at Dekle Beach and Carrabelle. Carrabelle had some interesting places like the Coombs Inn, and the Old Carrabelle Hotel, but they were full. The Coombs Inn had a Plantation House for three nights, about $1150 for two people. That looked intriguing, so I gave them a call. The nice lady said that it was the home of the owner and that it was only available for weddings, and such. "Maybe you should call Collins Vacation Rentals, they have higher end homes and maybe they can have you stay at such short notice..."

Well, well, well.

This costs less than staying at the Hilton, and we get an entire house!

Too bad we don't have any friends to take along. Maybe some other time, when we plan ahead we could share costs and get one of the high(er) end homes with even better amenities. This sure looks pretty adequate for me.

The weather is supposed to be 81 degrees and clear this weekend, at Apalachicola. We shall dine on steamed bivalves and watch the water lap along the shore line of St George Island!

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Buck said...

Here's an area where we differ... I LIKE B&Bs and have never had a bad experience with one. Most of my B&B experiences were in Old Blighty, though and the Brits do things right in this space, especially the "full English breakfast" thing. That said, my few experiences with B&Bs in the USofA have been good... I suppose research and/or recommendations from friends are key here.

It looks like you got a real deal... have fun!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yeah, fried bread is a memory from the full English brekky served in a b&b in Brighton. Regular sliced white bread fried in regular oil.

I guess I have had bad luck with my three English stays at the b&b's.

Buck said; "I suppose research and/or recommendations from friends are the key".

Concur. My bad experiences were pretty much my own fault because I made the picks. I will try to open my mind in da fewtchums.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Have never tried a B&B ... just doesn't really interest me too much.

A house ... now that's pretty sweet! Have a great weekend and enjoy it!