Monday, January 14, 2013

A great Florida weekend!

Well, mostly. The Spousal Unit has been afflicted with that flu and spent most of the time coughing and feeling a bit ill. She said she enjoyed the time on the water.

Here is a video of Sunday's ride home.

I had an easy interview with the personnel manager of a Ship Firm based out of Miami.  When I gave her copies of my documents and DD-214, I believe I saw love in her eyes...

As she looked over the stack of papers she said, "You are ready for work, aren't you, most of my applicants don't have all the paperwork." "Hmmpf"!

"I will be sending a contract proposal (but don't accept the first one, think of what you want to be paid...) for both local and overseas types of work, we have a skipper who is retiring soon."

So I smiled and thanked her for her time. Walking away with greedy thoughts, maybe we can get a job out of this boating thing and I hope I might see some good stuff coming from this. But I still don't really need the work, so I will give some crazy numbers in return with my counter offer. One never knows, right?

A good weekend and so far, a good Monday, too!


LL said...

Good luck with the new potential job. I hope it doesn't cut into your time on the Barco.

I'm sure that the SH60 was simply delivering a critical package of 'rotor wash' to some needy recipient somewhere.

Buck said...

Sorry you can't be here.

Me too.

Good luck on that job. It's a great thing when people smile at a DD-214.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, guys.

And I am sorry we can't get some of our regular readers out with us. The local folks are hard to pry off the shore!