Monday, January 21, 2013

Predeployment Planning

Back at the boating thing, again...

Looks like the next expedition will  begin with a trip to Black Creek, 22-25 February, there we visit the Ira Farm for three nights of fun and frivolity. After that weekend concludes I will return to the Yacht Club for a massive field day and loading with provisions/fuel for a  departure on 27 February for Daytona/New Smyrna. After a night of rest we shall then journey for either Eau Gallie or further South. Then it shall be another day to Lake Worth/West Palm. Another rest and then it's on to Lauderdale/Key Biscayne and Barco should see a change of passengers, maybe the Spousal Unit will fly down with a friend on a private conveyance. This should be two nights... When she leaves to return home the Barco will head for Elliot Key and then on to Marathon. We will dock at Marathon Yacht Club or the City Moorings for a few days, maybe wait for the return of She Who Will Be Obeyed for another couple nights in the warm Florida Keys. After we get our minds straightened out,  we will decide on the return North. I am planning on a three week trip but my hard return shall be by just after Palm Sunday, 25th-28th of March.

A very bold endeavor!

The 29th of March we will have relatives coming in from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, they have one week to boat down to Hontoon Island and return to Jax. Seems they are looking forward to bass fishing and alligator watching, and that's exactly what they shall get.

Wow, a mission!

Stand by for action!


Buck said...

Stand by for action!

In VIDECOLOR! You too, one would assume?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I want the drumming as my background music as I pretend to live a glorious adventure!