Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Very Quiet Around Here

Well, we made it past the first week of the year and the jade is still strong in my attitude. Or would I mean that I am still jaded? Funny, I don't have any green jewelry that looks rough...

 There does not seem to be much promise of America losing the common malaise, even the left side of our citizenry seem not to be as happy as they should be after winning it all. I guess so far, just enduring the mess in the best way we all can is about what the national mission ordains, forget any meaningful leadership emanating from that cesspool of privilege in Washington D.C.  So in a revolutionary spirit we will Make Do. This requires good food, pleasant company and hopefully, better weather. Oh, by the way; The weather will improve in a couple days to a warm weekend, which is forecasted to be in the 80's! Oh yes, we shall winter in Florida style...

This morning, when I saw the Weather-Dude mention the warm front heading North from the Caribbean, I immediately made the proclamation that there shall be boating at the end of this five day working period. Not 'will' (According to NATOPS Will indicates futurity). So there; I don't care where we go, we shall GO.

Like crises is to gubmint, the gift of good weather shall not go to waste. Or is that waist?

At the striking of Noon, today,  I shall be with Mom J Cat and we will visit the local Doctor-joint. After the deal is complete I shall spend the evening in her home watching her favorite tv shows and making sure she has food, appropriate beverages and perform regular Cat care/staffing. It's what we do. Everything will be clear in the next few days, believe it.

Television watching has lately been a favorite activity. I have watched more films in the past couple days than I have in months. Netflix streaming is sooooo fun. Sunday, I watched a relatively new film from the UK called, "Centurion". Nothing new about watching films, just not at 0600 on Sunday mornings, before coffee.

Another notable film we watched afterwards was titled; "Switchback", starring Dennis Quaid and R. Lee Ermey. Whatever happened to the Gunny? I have always been a fan. I guess Ermey's stance on the Democrat Party is out of step with the cool people and has made him less than employable in Hollywood. Same with any other Conservative actors with the exception of maybe Tom Selleck.

At least the Gunny is still working. And so is Magnum.

What the heck did I do before Netflix? Hundreds of films and tv shows for $8.95 a month. Hulu is another channel for the same amount of loot, and the Spousal Unit loves to watch all of the Gordon Ramsey shows on Hulu, and there are plenty of those.

The two of us have been up every morning at 0515, and we do the neighborhood walk for our regular exercise. It's good to see the dark streets in the briskly cool air in which we get the ol' blood flowing before starting the routine at 0600.

Off and running like a herd of entitled turtles!


LL said...

I watched all of the episodes of LOST on Netflix - my baptism into the world of Netflix/Hulu. Somehow I missed out on Lost when it was on network TV (shows how in-tune I am) and since everyone raved about it, I thought -- why not?

Buck said...

I miss R. Lee, as well.

Buck said...
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Barco Sin Vela II said...

LL; Exactly my point. I missed all of the 80's and most of the 90's tv due to my commitment to the j o b. The streaming tv is a great way to review some of the better gems.

Buck; I think Ermey's staying a bit busy without having to chase anything.