Friday, January 18, 2013

Not too much to report.

As the title succinctly describes, we are bereft of any ideas to bloviate about. Glad we are at Friday, I just wish we could have made some plans to occupy our three day weekend. She Who WIll Be Obeyed  has a meeting in the State Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday which got scheduled yesterday.
Darn it! If we had a few days notice we could have rented a beach house at St George island for the next five days and had a good time.

It's all good, the weather has taken a decidedly colder turn last night and we had some other pressing financial issues earlier this week which renders the frivolous spending of a thousand bucks on a rental quite moot. We could, but won't.

Tonight we do the Yacht Club and take the weekend as it unfolds. Perhaps a boat trip, maybe a bicycle trip. Either way we have a good time because it is what we do.  Plus, this weekend marks 23 years of  unbridled fun and happiness since this weekend was when the two of us met in Pensacola.


There is a new reader in Fort Lauderdale; A particularly nice young lady who is a member of the Little Ship Club of London, and is keenly interested in sailing boats and all that. I will provide links for her to read a bit about some other members of that club who joined us on a trip across the Atlantic.

As for everyone else; Class dismissed, have a fine (and safe!) holiday weekend.

Back Then.

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Panama Canal Edition.
Just realized that I shouldn't leave people hanging tied to a sea anchor in the middle of the Atlantic. Here are some more links to old posts;

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What does a person do when bored?


Buck said...

The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful.

Ah, but the both o' you are beautiful... then and now.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck. All I need is to lose the glasses...