Saturday, January 19, 2013

Celebrate the upcoming event!

There was many months I spent away from home on the ocean or on the road. Naturally we find things to occupy our minds. Mine was listening to eclectic styles of music. When alone, I listen closer to what is really said in those songs. Here are a couple tunes that speak to me about our current situation with our gubmint. Written by Canadians, no less.

This particular song has been on my mind the past few days, so I shall post it in honor our President's inauguration coming on Monday.

I can understand if you don't like the singer's voice, but I think it adds to the feeling of indignation. Just read the lyrics with the music turned down. The song is from 1975 but the song writer is a Randian prophet who seems to have foreseen the events and times we live today.

Our betters, The D.C elites are really getting out of control, trying to say that if we don't go waaay deeper in debt our country will somehow collapse. Also the media tells us that it is Congress' fault we don't have a budget when the Senate has failed to put a budget out since 2009. Illegally, of course.

The people are getting weary being urinated on and having politicians tell us it's raining. It takes incredible nerve for millionaire politicians to say that the wealthy aren't paying "Their Share™".

Here is another political piece from 1977, the song describes frustration with 'The hypocrites are slandering the sacred halls of truth, ancient nobles showering their bitterness on youth'.

The last line is most poignant;

"Can't we find the minds to lead us closer to the heart?"

Musical rant off.

I still miss this guy. I even miss his opponents of the time, like Tip O'Neil and the like. Those guys at least had our best interests in mind and not running a continuous reelection campaign.
Leadership; D.C has none.


Buck said...

What you said about Reagan. AND the Loyal Opposition, emphasis on that first word.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Enjoyed the Rush and yes I miss Reagan and what he stood for...