Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When we snoop the net...

We find some real gems. This photo has been lost for over thirty three years, and I find it on some guy's  page on 'together we served...', I didn't even know this fella!

Behold the fourteen year old me at my first summer camp; Camp Pendleton. Thou shall embiggen with thy clicker;

Front row center, with red arrow.
I was in First Platoon. Our Drill Instructors are the first two with green helmets, on the lower left. GySgt Thoma and SSgt Benson.

The hard lookin' Asian dude on the lower right is Eric Loya. We were Sea Cadets in the Hancock Squadron back in 77-78.  He retired from the Corps a few years ago with over thirty years as a SgtMaj. He won't talk to me because he thinks I'm a traitor for leaving the Marines and going into the Navy. I guess he's right. Woulda, Shoulda and Couldas, they mean nothing in the long run.

Wish I could relive that ten days because it was the best part of being a youngster, getting to play Marine.


Watch the video at the link for more info on the Devil Pup Program. I had no idea of how well known some of my fellow Devil Pups were, but I'm sure in the future there will be plenty other great graduates of that camp.

Hey, Jihad Gene! I'm sure there are some potential Devil Pups who frequent your store... Pass the info on to some of those youngsters, it may change their lives for the better!


Buck said...

You make me feel my age. I'd been in the AF for 13 years when you were a Sea-Pup.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Devil-Pup's. Big distinction from Sea Cadets...


LL said...

Do they still have Devil Pups - are there male and female pups. And being pups would it be politically incorrect to refer to the shorter pups as "runts" and the females as "bitches"?

Just curious.