Monday, January 28, 2013

Yard Period

Barco is now in the yard with reduced availability for any mission requirements.

Beautiful morning for boating, I was underway at ten after nine. It was too soon that I was in the Ortega River and approaching the boatyard, where three fella's were ready to put the Barco in the slings and haul her out.

There was much scraping of the underside, plenty of barnacles called the hull home.

Leaving Pirate's Cove

Heading North.

Nice and slow, no rush.



Scraping away at the barnacles.

Yuck. Crunchy crustaceans.

Go fast boat with manatee mangler props.

I leave the Barco in their care.
Have a fine week!


Buck said...

Dang! How long do you go between de-barnacleing episodes?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Our bottom cleaning diver person was less than satisfactory. Normally, we go about three years but this time it is a bit less than two year.