Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finally at home after four nights!

It has been a wonderful mini-vacation, these four days of the 4th. We enjoyed cool and windy weather on the docks and it was refreshing to be out on our boat, even if we were tied to the shore! We never ran out of snacks or beverages, and I think most of you would be glad to know that we were mostly clear headed, too. Nice to wake up without the swollen head of the midnight rambler, right?

The starboard eye is pretty much healed up and seeing distant objects super sharply, just like when I was eight years old. Very easy for me to distinguish small boats which were a mile or two out and be  able to judge precisely their angle from us along with seeing where they were headed. It will be fun out on the water without the thick glasses which always presented a more distorted view either from design or just the muck that built up from the salty water mist.


The brisk winds on the St Johns forced the cautious boaters back home early and we were able to meet some of the more hardier sailing/power boaters around our docks Saturday. I made a friend (Helped him dock his 35 foot C&C sailboat) and we chatted about sailing the Northeast Florida waters. Brian is a new boat owner learning how to sail and we are looking forward to doing some time on board his boat. Brian will have to  endure being on Barco for some of our regular runs up the St Johns river... Even if we are a "stink pot". (With amenities like air-conditioning and multiple heads!)

Coming up: Tuesday is a repeat of last week, only for the left eye. I hope it is all going to be the same since I'm feelin' good today! Hoping all of you are feeling as fine as us and staying safe, too.

Have a great week!


LL said...

A/C? When are you going to start dragging that prop and put some sheets up to be more "environmentally friendly"?

The Barco is a pleasure barge and as such I do have a lot of respect. Sailing is much more work and sail craft have far less space.

I have sailed and prefer dragging a prop now that I'm in my dotage (over 50).

Buck said...

Ah, a good weekend, eh? Too bad it's over, but then again... all things must pass.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

"A/C? When are you going to start dragging that prop and put some sheets up to be more "environmentally friendly"?"

We are environmentally friendly! We add carbon into the atmosphere which feeds the plant life!

"...All things must pass."


LL said...

(1) The Barco in the St. John's waterway is (likely) as close as you can get to driving a Bentley, holding a beer and talking to your buddies.

(2) It's not like a twitchy yawl rigged 40'er in a crossways 35 knot squall with a 15' sea running in the North Atlantic wearing survival gear that will keep you alive in the water for twenty minutes once the main snaps and you capsize in the process.

The first is more fun once you've done the second. It's what my kids refer to as "dotage"...