Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Seven days later...

Without glasses. Still have to put eye drops in both eyes but they feel like the healing is complete. I no longer need to reach for anything in the morning for clarity, and Mao cannot walk on the night stand and kick my glasses to the floor for attention.

The near vision thing is tough to get used to, I wear store bought reading glasses for the computer and general book stuff. But the intermediate (cutting food on the counter) is a bit challenging. I think I will order some cheap progressive  glasses for kitchen work and night time boating. The lenses would be clear when viewing ahead but gradually come to reading strength for close in stuff that need immediate focus, like a chart plotter, compass or navigation system in the car.

"Didn't you go through all that crap to eliminate glasses from your life, doofus???"

Yeah. But these glasses won't weigh a pound and be over a half inch thick. And the cost will be about $90 for two pairs, (Vice $800! for one pair) of which I can leave staged on the boat or in the glove box. And I can squint my way just about everywhere else, too.

Next follow-up with the eye doc is tomorrow, and I will be trying to get my eye drop usage reduced to a few times a day. Nothing like applying what feels like vinegar into the peepers, every four hours. I comply because there is no choice, these eyes are all we get issued, so I better take care and quit whining, right?

Another thing I am back on is walking. The Doc did not want me getting sweat in my eyes and risking  an infection, so I went two weeks without doing my daily three miles which has made me add a couple pounds to the old girth.  We have a treadmill now which keeps us safely inside and away from the outside risks of walking, like traffic and urban outdoorsmen from down the street and so forth. Ahh, and rain...

So now I can walk in Central Park and a number of other places with all the hills added in for our hiking and jogging pleasure! (The treadmill really does everything! and it even keeps your feet moving for you in case you can't do it for yourself. Only in 'Murica!!!)

I watched a film yesterday while doing an hour long treadmill course called the Maui Taco. The movie was called "Expendables 2"on Netflix. It was a real hoot of an action comedy (Without any of the drama you come to expect in good films) and it was fun to see what looks to me to be a modernized remake/version of 1977's "The Wild Geese", which itself was a film of old unemployed actors getting together for a good shoot-em-up drinking party. But The Wild Geese is still fun after all these years, and I can watch that one over and over. Not so sure Expendables 2 will stand for repeated viewings, but your mileage may vary. Expendables 2 is worth a watch if just for some of the comic lines and not so subtle jokes about past film glories.

Notable Quotable:

Stallone: I heard you were bitten by a king cobra.
Chuck Norris: I was. And after five days of agonizing pain, the cobra died.


Stay healthy out there!


Buck said...

It's good to hear all's well with the eyes. I've found my readers work well for intermediate stuff, too... as well as reading and doin' computer tricks. Mebbe all you need to do is just get used to them.

OTOH, I spent Big Bucks getting bifocal sunglasses... plano on top, readers on the bottom. That works when I'm in the car and need to read gauges and stuff.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Sounds like my plan, too.