Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Snooping around the net

Google knows all.

I was looking around the Google Earth app and thought I might be able to remember how to find my buddy's home in Coolongolook. Just by typing in the name of the town, I found the Highway 1, in New South Wales. I then looked for the river which is near the freeway and moved the view onto the little settlement and switched to street view.

Just who. Is. This?


At least the photos I stole are in good taste. Sometimes the Google car finds the locals in some sort of indelicate position as they drive by, as noted by this famous (stolen from elsewhere!) photo from five years back;

Just napping. (Hopefully...)

We will get better photos when we get there, middle of next month.

See you later.


Buck said...

Yeah, Google's running up the Big Bucks in legal costs in Europe because of pics like yer last.

LL said...

If they'd advise when they'll be passing by in advance, I'd do something (I'm not sure what) to make my yard look memorable for them.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I like LL's idea. We could burn a mannequin in effigy... Or else point a hanging barbequed ham towards some big town in the big desert while someone yells repeatedly about a loud snack bar.