Monday, July 22, 2013

I am busy.

Just finished 55 minutes in the dreaded gym and discovered that the afternoon thunderstorm is chillin' muh barbecue!

I am smokin' a boston butt!

Ten AM, smokin' away!

Two Thirty, rain is cooling down the smoker. Still need a couple more hours, or so.

Guest of Honor at the Monday Roast.



Lesson learned. The smoker will not keep in the proper temperature range while rain pours on it. Duh!

Pulled the pork out and checked the inner temperature, 136 F. So I brought it inside and placed it into the oven which is set at 250 F. Give it a few more hours, I don't think any more/less smoke will change the outcome of our dinner. In fact, I hacked a small excess piece off and found it spicy and very fit for eating.

Have a fine rest of the day!


LL said...

Now that looks darned good. But it may not be the best strategy. If you ever came to visit, I'd give you the chef's hat, and put you to work...

Barco Sin Vela II said...


Work is the curse of the drinking class!

I am usually very glad to cook at friends' homes, it's a good way to chip into the party and not have to clean up!

Bob said...

There's no harm in finishing your barbecued meat in the oven. BBQ professionals typically wrap their meat in aluminum foil during the latter stages of cooking, which is really no different than moving it into an oven. The smoke flavor is imparted in the first four hours of cooking, as is the "bark" that forms on the outside of the meat.

Hope it turned out well!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Bob. BTW, check out the Deyo group on F B. You might see some of your old shipmates.

Buck said...


Is all.

Bob said...

I was looking at the USS Deyo FB page, and noted that the ship was commissioned in March 1980, so the crew I worked with in winter 1981 would have been the plank owners, presumably. Somewhere in the garage I have photos (and even a journal I kept during that cruise) that I'll have to dig out, scan, and post on FB.