Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stings a bit.

Just had the right eye work finished. The hour wait in the waiting room and then another hour waiting outside the operating room was annoying, but the fifteen minutes with Dr Schnipper was interesting, to say the least. I was completely aware and watching the goings on in my eye, I think I could actually see the lens being removed and replaced. Vivid colors and pushy rectangular objects were seeable and I was quite numb until the last moment or two.

I stayed very still.

They wheeled me out to the car and we came directly home. A bit of stinging sensation is present, kind of like being near a smokey campfire. Not unbearable.

Can I see???

Yes, but it is cloudy especially around the edges. What I can see is good, but my left eye has magnification from the glass lens so I feel a bit unable to focus both eyes.

Buck sez not to rub my eyes.

I shall not! In fact, I am leaving the eye closed for the most part, don't want the light or any dust to get in there. Tomorrow should be good, we visit for followup at 0815.

See, (ahem) you all later...


Buck said...

Eye surgery is SUCH a trip! I stayed VERY still, too.

I had to wear a patch over each eye for a week after surgery and my surgeon waited two weeks in between doing each eye. I guess she was pretty conservative, eh?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Just got back from the post op check... 15/20 distance on right eye. Doctor was very pleased at the results and no eye patches. Next surgery is Tuesday at 1445.

I think I am getting first in line (so to speak) because we are doing the self pay, no insurance. Easy paper work and they get their money up front.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

correction; 20/15. I never thought I would be using such small numbers on my visual acuity!

Old NFO said...

Don't rub it is right, and be prepared for halos/night stars from the lighting. And you 'may' note a decrease in night vision acuity (or at least I did).