Thursday, July 11, 2013

Second day of no glasses

I had the lens replacement session on Tuesday, the person doing the anesthetic gave a little less happy juice than last week and the aftermath was the eye feeling a bit more stingy. I took four tylenols over the evening and managed to get some sleep overnight. Went in for the follow-up and asked the Doc why the different experience? He 'splained it.

Oh well.

Yesterday was a lot bit better, the left eye is at 20/20 for distance, not bad. Was up at 0400 this morning to help the Spousal Unit do the traveling thing, me and the cats are now in our routines, them are in the sun room and I am on the 'web getting the daily news. Sometimes I wear reading glasses for this, sometimes not. Depends on my eyes feeling too dry or  if they get tired.

By the way, I look older without glasses. But I can see wider. (Glasses made my scope of vision fairly narrow and constrained, like looking down two cardboard tubes.) I mean a full left to right bi-nocular field of vision! No more moving my head to accommodate the narrow view of glasses, oh no! We can now just move the eyeballs, oh yes! Good for the lazy viewer.

For this morning's accomplishing activities, Visas have been procured for the upcoming big trip. Twenty bucks a piece to go to the land of Oz, which is just another tax to keep the gubmint employees over there well paid and so forth. At least it is a smoother application process which is all completed online. Remember when you had to mail applications, or even, (Gulp) stand in line??? Well worth the $20.00, I say.

I bet if we overstayed our visa, the local government would find us and kick us out, not like here. There would be a little uncomfortable period in the jail too, just to make us not want to break the law again.

Perhaps the Australian Government would want to call us Undocumented Labor voters and let us stay in Oz on the down-low?

Naahh! That only happens here.

I'm happy, hope you're happy too. Have a fine rest of the week!

P.S. I am donating all of my old glasses to the Lions. Good outfit doing wonderful things for those in need. (Wait! I'm an Elk, won't I be in danger???)


OldAFSarge said...

Glad to hear the eye surgery went well. Have a great trip Down Under!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Shipmate!

LL said...

It's WINTER in Oz. Which means that you may miss some of the lovely Florida summer. I have no idea why you'd pass on hanging around for August in Florida.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

LL; Very astute. I figure the trip to Tasmania will be for recon before we return for a proper Summer visit in the near future.

Buck said...

I'm glad the second surgery went well and I MOST certainly hear ya about life without glasses. I can deal with readers... no big deal at all. But I LOVE bein' without glasses the rest o' the time after all those years.

Visas. I think the last time I had to get a visa was when I went to China on short notice. I had to make a speed run from Dee-troit to the Chinese consulate in Chicago and jump through their bureaucratic hoops to get a visa. I learned why bureaucrats are referred to as "Mandarins" in the process... the frickin' Chinese INVENTED bureaucracy.