Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Off to the Barco for a day in the sun and fun. Fireworks begin at dusk, a hundred yards from the boat!

I wonder if we could find 56 community leaders today, willing to risk their honor, fortunes and good names in order to secure a better country in the future? Especially if they were caught they would face summary execution for treason? Would our President (And his fellow travelers) care enough for his country to give his life, like so many eighteen year olds have done in the past, or is this just his 9-5 job until something better comes along?

Dear N ever S ay A nything : I am not proposing harm come to anybody, especially not the family occupying that big mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I can imagine some Tea Party types willing to give all, but is America past the Hero stage of development?

I hope not. The 4th of July represents a time where people of honor stood up for something against a huge and oppressive bureaucracy. It's not just a time to remember fireworks and warm barbecues.

Have a great holiday, and stay healthy out there... We might need heroes in the future!

P.S. I am seeing great in the starboard eye, and things are (ahem) looking brighter. Tuesday is the next eye, so in about 12 days the eye repair thing will have been completed. On to travel...!

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Buck said...

Happy Fourth to you and yours, Darryl. Have fun today, be safe, and remember our Founding Fathers.