Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Foul Weather Jacket Tuesdays

A fine example of a Navy Foul Weather Jacket, not wearable with civvies or off station. Too bad, they are quite toasty.

The following picture is what happens when it gets cold. Siamese cats will take over.

Three Cat Night

Well, we went from summer to winter, completely bypassing autumn. Rain and cold, it was a three cat night.

I have been off of beer during the week, and the funny thing is that the lack of said beverage makes it difficult on the body. For instance, if I consume six Sierra Nevada's in the evening, I will respond to the wake up alarum promptly and without any delay. In fact, I will be up with the chickens.

When I have consumed water, (and as instructed by W.C. Fields, we know what fish do in water), or green tea, I find that I can hardly get out of the rack. Even after NINE complete hours of rest, I feel lumbago and the effects of ague and gravity seem overpowering!

The lesson is to drink beer, every night. It's good for you.

Days like today, grey, wet, depressing. Cold. It reminds me of living in London. But in London, there was the hope of visiting a toasty pub, with its coal burning stove and cool Bitters.

Not in Jacksonville! No pubs within walking distance and certainly no cool London Pride. In fact no beer. One of us has to lose about one stone of tonnage, just to return to fitting my suits. Jack Sparrow would ask, "Why is the rum always gone?"

Have a fine Navy Day.


Buck said...

(and as instructed by W.C. Fields, we know what fish do in water)

The first time I ever heard this was as a wee bairn, at Dad's knee. Literally. I've never forgotten it, either, and quote ol' W.C. often.

Ah... London. We share that fondness and history, dc. My favorite brew was Courage's Directors Bitter. Second was Brakspear's Bitter, but I read the Brakspear brewery in Henley-on-Thames (just up the road from where I lived, in High Wycombe) ceaased operations a while back... (sigh) Nothing is forever, though.

Bob said...

I...um...acquired a foul-weather jacket when I was on USS Belknap for TAD, the name was actually stenciled on the back so I couldn't wear it on base mixed with civilian clothing (I even had an obnoxious MAA stop me from entering the Navy Exchange at Norfolk Navy Base because I had a Seabee's cap on my head). The jacket disappeared long ago, but yah, it was one of the warmest jackets I've ever owned, and looked pretty good, besides.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I got mine from AIMD Alameda. Loooong ago lost.