Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy fourth, everyone!

It is too bad that the economy has put a damper on this great day, but we can all still take thanks that we live in the best country in the world, and none of us is having to go hungry.

Note: If anyone is actually hungry... come on by the Barco, we will be burning Brats and hot dogs later on. But it will be quite the goat rope at the marina, everyone is trying to get to their boats, or put boats in the water.

Not a good time for boating, the way I see it, this is "amateur hour", where everyone will take to the river to enjoy the water and the freedom that boating uniquely provides. Plus; It is hot out there, so many boaters will be slamming cold barley pops to help beat the heat.

Results? A couple hundred manned missiles moving at the speed of heat, operated by dehydrated automatons who are replacing much needed electrolytes with grain based fluids mixed with a 5% alcohol solution.

Takes one to know one, right?

Risk Management.

Have a wonderful Fourth, and remember the reasons why we are allowed to enjoy this day in relative peace!

Now for some real cool jazz, Stan Kenton and a young Maynard Ferguson;

Don't listen to this next one unless you can stand some Very Heavy Metal, but I really like the Patriotism of this next number.

If you can't understand the Lyrics, It goes like "On your feet, Who's with me? Hooah! This is for the Soldiers... Hooah!


Alison said...

Happy 4th of July! I'm very, very happy to be living in the USA! (I'm also experiencing first-hand the amateurs... via 911 calls. I should write a book....)

Liz said...

Happy 4th Barco and crew, including the 4 legged ones.

Amateur hour all around. We are buttoned up and in at my abode - A/C and fans for some white IS forecast to get to 89 today and is already (1048) would be comfy and maybe even cool, we are hot :)!

Happy grilling and people/boat watching.

LL said...

Great music - even greater sentiment.

I love the country and love what it has stood for in the past. At present we're facing a far more insidious trend in the country because it comes from within like a rat gnawing at our vitals. Free enterprise, small government, and responsibility seem to be a vanishing commodity.

And while I'm not afloat today, there is filet minion on the BBQ, boneless, skinless chicken breasts as well and the small army assembled at our house (in the pool and on the deck) would welcome anyone who needs a meal.

Tonight, the tradition calls for fireworks at the city park, patriotic music, more food, etc.

Buck said...

Happy Independence Day, Darryl! I agree with your "amateur" sentiments. It's best to lay low when the dilettantes are about.

Nice tunes, too. :D

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hey Firefox, Hope everyone stayed safe in Mass.

Ann, A whole 89 degrees, eh? Probably very nice in Big Sky Country.

LL; Sounds like a great gathering place. A pool with guests is a good thing!

Thanks for coming by, Buck. At least you have a dry heat...