Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jihad Gene brought up a great point

"...our NCO meeting would once a month be held at a neighboring German Army Depot".

Hey Gene; We used to have disaster drills at the London Headquarters. (IRA and other unfriendlies were all over London) So when a drill happened, each branch would depart the building and find their preplanned meeting place for muster.

Operations used the "Vino Veritas" Pub, at Orchard and Oxford street, near Selfridges.

While the roll call would be performed, pints of Lager's and Ales were also passed around.

Great days, indeed.

On the Deutschland Front; I spent some time at Patch Barracks and stayed in the Fontana Therme, over in Vaihingen. Has anyone been or remember the "Schwabenbrau" brewery, by the Bahnhoff?

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Man, I miss some good beer.

Thanks for coming by.

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JihadGene said...

I remember Weizen beers with lemon. My favorite! I was 35 miles south of Heidelburg near the Neckar River and about the same distance from Stuttgart. The wife and I were there 1983-86. Volks marches were a blast!