Friday, July 26, 2013


End of the week, yet again.

Dropped off the dry cleaning, stopped by the Barco to look around and ran the diesels for 15 minutes just to keep them lubed up.

Beautiful day in Jax, not too hot or muggy, bunch of fluffy white clouds waiting to join up with each other to make the afternoon thunderstorms. They will be here by 1500, or so. After 1700 we should be clearing up for a pleasant evening which of course, will find us on the edge of the river for dining and socializing. Barco will be the nightcap for the evening out.

I watched a documentary on the Appalachian Trail (while trudging along on the treadmill!), only thee quarters of it was actually about hiking the other quarter was the subtle propaganda of the Final Solution Gang, otherwise known as environmentalists. The Trail looks like an incredible challenge and aside from the sermonizing, the camera work of the documentary was superb along with the personal stories of some of the hardy hikers who took to the trail. Sounds like a noble quest for anyone in reasonable shape from 16 to 80!

The Barco will get underway sometime tomorrow, depending on weather conditions. I'd like to get at least a few hours under the keel and enjoy my new visual acuity while checking out the goings on around the St Johns river. Wish you all could come for the ride, but we all have to be where we have to be, right?

Stay safe this weekend...

Barco Out!

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Buck said...

... but we all have to be where we have to be, right?

That we DO. Our weekend prolly won't be as spiffy as yours, but it'll do. ;-)