Friday, March 13, 2009

Happily in Fridayland

Indeed, another week down.

Too bad they can't seem to find any Democrats who have paid taxes to fill some empty Government positions.

I'm here, I've paid taxes, and probably going to be available for new employment due to our company needing to move. As an added bonus, I held security clearances that went above the normal red colored ones, which means with a quick update I could trusted with the keys to the kingdom.

Of course, this all makes me Very Unqualified. So when my little job situation goeth away, I will have to draw unemployment. So I have Hope and Change.

Enough whining. Make it better or make it go away.

The Serengetti Spa and Veldt Lounge will be open, tonight. There will be New York Strips and Chateauneuf De Pape to chase it down. Afterwards, maybe a little sing along at the Barco Sin Vela, where we will celebrate the spring like weather. Nothing improves the attitude like some boat action.

Or this stuff;

Here is a "Demotivator" poster I stole from Castle of AARRGGH

What amuses me is that you can see the cooler on the back of the Tank. Only Americans would remember to bring their lunch box to an Ass Whuppin'! I'm sure the crew would rather that there was a couple cases of barley pops, chilling within...

Speaking of Barley Pops, I am running low, both home and on Barco.

Beer Run!

Have a safe weekend.


Buck said...

I posted that thorazine poster a couple of years ago and said, in part: "Yep..."Senile Agitation 'R' Us." I think single-malt scotch works just as well, though. For me, anyway." :D

Here's hoping the weekend went "as planned." And... apropos of your pending gub'mint gig (or application for same)... are ya going after something in Treasury? Or something else?

USA_Admiral said...

That is a great Motivational Poster!!!!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hey USA Admiral!

Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again.