Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok, we back off on the smugnitude

New Word; Smugnitude

Definition; Always thinking that whatever one does is always uniquely clever and is to be considered the new paradigm.

"Why don't you stick to what you know, and get back to having the sense of humor?"

Ok. I will take my smugnitude and sulk somewhere, quietly.

Announcer Voice Over: "Now back to regular programming"

I reread my spew from yesterday and decided that I was preachy. Nobody wants a sermon, unless the sermon giver hay-azz bee-unn AHHH-nointed-dah.

Can I get an Amen?

The local Caribbean restaurant, Star Caribbean burned up yesterday afternoon.


I never had a chance to try it out, since it is around the corner from the office. It looked a little forbidding, like a cool looking barbecue joint that you really want to try, but said joint is in the most ethnic of neighborhoods... You can go in with a bunch of your friends on an afternoon, but forget about the evening.

Picture the crazy kids from "Animal House" walking in that cool Urban Club and upon seeing Otis Day and the Nights yell out, "Otis.... my Man!"

If they rebuild the Star Caribbean, I will make a real effort to check it out. Been a while since I chowed down some Jerk Chicken and Pumpkin Soup. The review hidden on the link claims it is a five star experience.

But if I see Otis Day and the Nights, well I'll keep my mouth shut.


Announcer Voice Over: "Page Two":

I got an email from an old buddy from my teenage years. He mentioned that our friend who lives in Montana had hip replacement surgery, and was grumpier than usual...

Hip replacement? Under fifty???

So naturally, I give this person a call. He works for a fire fighting outfit in the mountains, maintaining their various aviation assets.

Everyone has a cooler job than me...

So he answers the phone and gruffly says, "Hey, Man. I'm in line waiting to punch out".

Like I call him every day. We haven't spoken in over a year.

We catch up and talk about the past year. Says the surgery hurt, but that he is up and about and getting better.


We used to be teenagers.

This might be the suspect:

Or maybe this geek, in the center.

Shiver and twitch...!

Announcer Voice over: "This is... Rock and Roll Radio. Stay Tuned for more Rock and Roll."

One must always crunch soda and beer cans when finished. Otherwise, you might forget that you need a new soda and some jerk will use it as an ashtray, with unpleasant results.


Smugnitude.... Out.


Buck said...


Heh. Makes me think of that South Park episode (Smug Alert!)... in a most favorable way, of course.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I have liked South Park, but I don't watch very often. As in once a year. This means I did not see the "Smug" episode, but I read the link. Funny!

Pius, indeed.

Day-ummm. I thought I was being original about something.

Liz said...

Well, apparently I missed the smugnitude post in my endeavor to find Florence, MT... too bad!

Oh...we were all so young once. I am a bit older than you and your pal, but not so much that the hair and general atmosphere are not familiar.

At any rate, if you and She Who will be Obeyed, or hip replacement and his wife, sig other or dog are in my vicinity, or vice versa, I would certainly share a cup or glass of whatever and exchange friendliness.

Regards from the North.

Bob said...

Journalists say that there are three things you can bet on with stories:

1. If a wife dies, it's most likely the husband that killed her;

2. If a politician is accused of impropriety, it's likely true;

3. If a restaurant burns down, it's most likely arson committed for insurance fraud.

p.s. watch your email, I'll be emailing you Thurs. morning.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Ann; Thanks for coming by. You didn't miss anything with my deleted post. Just more of my faux clever commentary about current events and the economy. If ever in the Free State of Montana, I would be sure to find Rich and we would "pop" by to annoy our hostess.

Bob; I have no idea about the cause of the fire, but I am glad no one was hurt. Would it not be a funny coincidence if our local congress critter's husband owned the restaurant, we could get a Hat Trick!