Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday planning

WE have reached the middle of the week and can start thinking of weekend freedom.

We are not going to plan anything. Other then me finding out the reason the starter switch will not engage when the key is turned for the Port Diesel. Next, I will have to replace plug ends on at least one power cord, the old ends are bad and unsafe and turning black.

Resistance is futile except in electricity.

One of my boat owning colleague's came up with a wonderfully simple (which is why I didn't think of it) solution to the Bateau's plug problem; Put the plug inside vice outside.


Now I won't have to get fiberglas mix and cloth to plug the hole permanently, and it gets to do its job as designed.

Maybe I can work up the enthusiasm to try my hand at varnishing some of the trim.

Prolly not.

That is some hot work in the Florida Sun! But it does need to happen this year, before it all goes to natural silver color.

Have a good Wednesday.


Buck said...

That is some hot work in the Florida Sun!

The NM sun is hot, too. The RV needs washing but I've been procrastinating because of the heat. I let the window of opportunity slide right by when the temps were moderate in the Spring... (sigh)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yeah, Buck. I had thought I would get more done on that Hontoon trip, instead I had fun.