Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feels like a Monday, Tuesday.

These weekends never seem to last as long as you would like, unless you have something go really wrong. Fortunately for us, nothing bad happened. No runs, no hits and no errors. Three up and down.

I was cruising the Ace of Spades, and clicked on a link to KOMO TV News, Seattle. They have some wonderful photos of the Hubble Repair Mission.

Stolen from KOMO News

How cool is that?

One thing I did mess up, I seem to have misplaced my camera. I hope I didn't get it ripped off, or lose it doing something stupid. If someone finds it, they will see some really goofy pictures and a bunch of very cool photos of the last couple of vacations.

You know, the same pictures you see on this blog!

I think I left it at the office. Otherwise, I had better get hot in replacing it. So far, I am not in hot water.

The weather returned to Florida's normal; steamy hot with a late evening thunderstorm to cool things down. I can deal with that. This morning's walk was performed with a weird looking backdrop of a blue sky. Weird, because I could see stars.


Buck said...

"Stolen from KOMO News" Who, in turn, stole 'em from NASA. I thought about posting this pic when I did my "NASA's photo of the day" post last week. Gentle Reader Alison from Ol' Blighty informs us this same pic made the front page of The Times in Merry Ol' last week, too.

I'm glad all's well that ended well, but it sure read like a comedy of errors at several points in your weekend.

Speaking of things French... my verification word today: "Alons." Heh. No gender confusion there... it's a verb.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I thought "Allons" meant "Attack", or something like that.

Alison said...

The Hubble pics were great, thanks! I wonder if the stars in the blue sky is a FL phenomenon? I remember seeing a sky like that several times when I lived down there, but never anywhere else... ? Hope you find your camera!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hey FF; The blue sky was a sarcastic comment about our weather of late. Constant overcast and heavy rains.

The Blue sky is from the approaching sunrise, with no mountains diffusing the light, and the stars are really planets (Mars/Venus) that reflect the sunlight. Pretty nice to see on a muggy morning.

Buck said...

"I thought "Allons" meant "Attack", or something like that."

(I can't resist) "Allons" means "Let's go!" and is the first word in La Marseillaise. (I'm such a freakin' pedant)