Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tuesday turned out to be nice weather wise, but a bummer.

The Spousal Unit and I had to go to a funeral for a family friend (Her Family in Michigan) who had passed away suddenly last week.

Tim Hogan was a fine fellow who I had met only once or twice, but many years ago. I was really sorry to hear he had passed at a very young age, with so much more to do. His funeral was a fine Catholic one, and his family had a fine home gathering after the service. It was very impressive how dignified his fine Lady, Kathy, was holding up on a tough occasion. Another thing I was very impressed by was how the family was holding together despite another loss just five weeks ago. Nothing but smiles at the reception afterwards, and a large crowd to equal the fine personality now gone.

We returned to Jacksonville yesterday evening and had a quiet pizza to close out the day.

The camera remains missing in action, so I think I will have to buy a new one this weekend. Until then the photo situation will be sparse. Perhaps a scanner and new computer will be acquired, since I am girding my loins to return to the running tale of real sailing! There are charts and memorabilia that need to be uploaded, so that an arduous and legendary journey can be properly remembered and coherently told.

I left the Wildebeest III in the Hamble River, departing for my first English Channel passage to London. Much seasickness, heavy seas and strong winds from the South and a rocky shore to the North are the leavening for a large tale! A place called the Goodwin Sands will also figure in to a rollicking story...


Liz said...

Condolences for a family loss. It is, though, heartening to read of dignity and honor of a life well lived, no matter how long or short. A good thing to share!

Looking forward to the Wildebeest III story...

Buck said...

My condolences, as well. What Ann said.

A scanner would be a GREAT acquisition. I had fun with mine for the first couple of weeks until the novelty wore off and drudgery set in. Scanning photos is time consuming to say the VERY least, but well worth the effort if you can stay focused and motivated.